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Crisps vs Dried Fruit Part 2

29th June 2017

Crisps vs dried fruit – this really is the story that won’t go away! Now Lucy Abbersteen at the excellent Woman’s Health Magazine has written about it.

crisps vs dried fruit

The reaction to this story has surprised me. And maybe it’s good that we have, again, highlighted the dangers of the internal sugars in fruit.

Crisps vs dried fruit

So let’s make no mistake. When it comes to looking after their teeth I personally would rather pack my own children off to school with a small bag of crisps over some dried fruits as they do not have as much potential to cause severe oral health damage. But there are obviously other major health issues related to their high levels of salt and fat. Therefore, I would ideally forgo both of these in my kids lunchbox and instead pack cheese, raw vegetables, fresh fruit or a small handful of nuts.