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Oral healthcare for the homeless on BBC Breakfast

26th July 2017

BBC Breakfast became aware of the work we are doing providing oral healthcare for the homeless. My philosophy is that if groups of patients are hard to reach, we just make more of an effort!

In Manchester and Salford, my team at Revive Dental Care have worked under the radar with these groups.

At the outset, we worked alongside GP practices in Ancoats, Manchester to engage their hard to reach patients. We started to visit Homeless drop-in centres and encourage the people who were there to have a dental check-up too. We began to understand the chaotic lifestyle of homeless people, who may be experiencing massive problems
with drug and alcohol dependency as well as complex mental and physical health issues. We realised that a successful
outreach programme needs to be adaptable, accommodating and informal.

BBC Breakfast

After spending a day with us, this is the feature that BBC Breakfast broadcast