Dr Ben Atkins BDS



Dr Ben Atkins BDS

Dental Media Work

10th November 2015

 Dental media work is about getting the important messages across

I put a huge emphasis on communicating with my dental patients. As a result, it seems quite appropriate for me to have talked on dental matters at professional conferences and seminars. I’ve also spoken extensively through broadcast media and as well as writing and being quoted in the national press and the dental media.

In my roles with the British Dental Association and Oral Health Foundation, as well as my work with multinationals such as Wrigleys, I’ve addressed specialist conferences and been invited to talk about dentistry and healthcare by the media – not bad, given that I actually hated public speaking at school!

I really enjoy appearing on TV and radio particularly. It has improved my own communication, and helped me build trust with my patients. It is a completely different world to my ‘day job’, and I find it fascinating. Suffice to say I’m keen to do more of it whenever possible!