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29th June 2017

I’ve recently accepted an invitation to feature as an Oral Health expert on comparethetreatment.com.  The website features all forms of cosmetic surgery, and there is a dedicated Oral Health Zone.

Furthermore, The Oral Health Foundation has partnered with comparethetreatment.com. The site promotes Mouth Cancer Action and National Smile Month, both of which are key OHF Initiatives.

comparethetreatment.com comparethetreatment.comcomparethetreatment.com

The team have also produced a video in conjunction with the Oral Health Foundation. This gives us the opportunity to get over some key messages about basic oral health and to offer some straightforward tips.

So, I get the chance to talk about my passion for oral healthcare. Also, the challenges patients face with oral health and some top tips for healthy teeth and gums.

Here’s the oral health video