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Crisps are better than raisins for your teeth!

28th June 2017

What is the reason crisps are better than raisins for your teeth? Well, dried fruit releases all the bad sugars associated with fruit when converted from its natural form.

Sarah-Kate Templeton, Health Editor at The Sunday Times recently wrote an article on this subject.

Crisps are better than raisins
crisps are better than raisonsBeware Smoothies

The same problem exists with Smoothies.  Fruit is crushed to make the drink and this releases all damaging fruit sugars. But many people see them as a healthy drink. A glass of milk does far less damage and the calcium makes teeth stronger!

The statistics for children being hospitalised for teeth extractions are frightening. Upwards of 40,000 in 2016.

Well done The Sunday Times for engaging in the fight against child tooth decay!