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BSDHT Oral Health Conference – Harrogate 2017

14th November 2017

The BSDHT Oral Health Conference took place in Harrogate at the start of November 2017.  I was there to deliver keynote presentations at the invitation of CALCIVIS and Philips.

Originally, the British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy, BSDHT (formerly British Dental Hygienists’ Association, BDHA) was set up in 1949. A group of 12 dental hygienists felt the time was right to organise a professional association to represent the interests of their profession. Today, the BSDHT represents over 4,000 members across the UK and beyond.

So this is another of the year’s important conference and exhibition events.

BSDHT Oral Health Conference – Philips

Victoria Wilson joined me on the Philips Expert Panel. In addition, were Helen Minnery from the BSDHT and Jessica Hulme representing Philips Sonicare.

BSDHT Oral Health Conference        BSDHT Oral Health Conference

With terrific interaction from the audience, we talked about the future of dentistry and developments in oral healthcare.

BSDHT Oral Health Conference – CALCIVIS

So on this occasion, I actually did the presentation for CALCIVIS.  The title of the presentation ‘Revolutionising Preventative Dentistry’ is very close to my heart. Therefore the development of the CALCIVIS imaging system is of great interest. Once again, a sizeable interactive audience made the whole presentation fly by!