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BDIA Dental Showcase 2017

14th November 2017

The BDIA Dental Showcase 2017 was held at the NEC, Birmingham in October. It presented me with an opportunity to work with two of my close business partners, Philips and Dental Directory.

BDIA Dental Showcase 2017 – Philips Workshop

BDIA Dental Showcase 2017My Session Title was Systemic Health Communication. Along with Victoria Wilson, I delivered this interactive session to an enthusiastic audience on each day. The workshop revolves around the need to talk about systemic health links. But it has to be in a clear, impactful and brief way. This is how we better our patients’ health, long term.

The key messages were that, as clinicians, all of us need to focused on these conversations. But as importantly, we need to know how to engage the patient in these conversations. Finally we need to make the most use of the mass of resources available to help get the messages across.

We also took time to deliver the latest thinking on the mouth.

With prevention being key to good oral healthcare, we try to take every opportunity to reinforce the core message!

Moreover, it’s exciting times at Philips, and the Dental Showcase gave them an excellent platform to celebrate 25 years of Sonicare.

BDIA Dental Showcase 2017 – Dental Directory

Our good friends from Dental Directory were also at the Dental Showcase.

This gave me an opportunity to deliver a presentation on the growth of Revive Dental Care and the key role played by suppliers.

BDIA Dental Showcase 2017     

I also had the chance to do some mini-workshops with delegates, where again the focus was on prevention.

BDIA Dental Showcase 2017 – CALCIVIS

So this is the section where I tell you about the presentation I did for CALCIVIS. According to the Showcase Daily Update, I was also scheduled to speak Alongside CALCIVIS Chief Technical Officer Bruce Vernon. The title of the presentation ‘Revolutionising Preventative Dentistry’ is very close to my heart. But I cannot tell a lie! It wasn’t me. It was my colleague and friend Jason Wong BDS ( Birm.) DPDS (BRIS) GDP & Dental Network Chair NHS England who joined Bruce.

Note to self: – must find a way to be in two places at once!

However you can read more about a lecture I did give for CALCIVIS here.