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Oral Healthcare in the Global Press

27th November 2017

Delighted to read about oral healthcare in the global press this week. And well done the Oral Health Foundation for developing the story during Mouth Cancer Awareness Month.

Because, when it comes to cancer, we like to think that we’re pretty clued up. For example, it’s now established that we should be aware and proactive in checking for an unusual lump to the breasts or testicles in the search for cancer.

However it is not the same for mouth cancer. So what should we be looking for?

The number of people diagnosed with mouth cancer in the United Kingdom has now exceeded 7,500 a year, an increase of more than two thirds (68%) over the last 20 years, making it one of the nation’s fastest increasing cancers.

Yet little is known about it. So I was pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the article that all the press picked up. Each of the Newspapers highlighted the simple ‘What is your risk of Mouth Cancer Test?’ This simple Q&A can give everyone an instant answer. Depending on the answer, you may want to talk to your Dentist and get some reassurance.

Oral Healthcare in the Global Press

So well done The Daily Mail; The Sun and the New Zealand Herald for their coverage.

oral healthcare in the global press Each November is designated Mouth Cancer Awareness Month. #BlueLipSelfie encourages everyone to wear blue lips as a visible sign of support for mouth cancer. Whether you choose cartoon lips in the #BlueLipSelfie app, blue lipstick or plastic lips, you can helps us boost awareness of this disease, its symptoms, its risk factors, and how to minimise risk. Plus you can have a little bit of fun in the process!

So put on your best blue smile and be part of something huge to get everybody talking about mouth cancer.