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Oral Healthcare and your Heart

31st October 2016

So what is the link between oral healthcare and your heart? Is there even one?


Bacteria linking oral healthcare and your heart

Because there are harmful bacteria that you can find within a dental abscess. These bacteria can enter your bloodstream. Through the bloodstream they can enter your heart and other organs. This is the link between problems in the mouth, such as abscesses and gum disease, and heart disease.

This concept is expanded on in an excellent article written by Catherine Hufton. It is published in the Wellbeing section of The Telegraph

Finally, the article goes on to describe an innovation in technology. This innovation is helping to strengthen the relationship between a dentist and their patient. The Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush helps to break bad cleaning habits. It’s ‘intelligence’  encourages better cleaning. It interacts with an App on your phone and sends mail updates to your dentist after every use.


oral healthcare and your heart