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Save Money : Good Health. More Oral Health Media Coverage

16th October 2017

We need as much oral health media coverage as we can generate. So it was great to be invited to do a slot on ITV’s Save Money: Good Health. And thanks to Gavin at the Oral Health Foundation for all his work helping to set it up!

It was great to meet co-presenters Sian Williams and Dr Ranj Singh and see behind the scenes of this excellent programme.

oral health media coverage       oral health media coverage      oral health media coverage

This week’s topics included toothpaste and tooth brushes. The programme highlighted tooth paste and emphasised the most important ingredient, Fluoride. A good paste should have at lease 1350 ppm of fluoride and this will be clear on the packaging.

It also talked about whitening, paste for sensitive teeth and reinforced one of my most important messages. After brushing, spit don’t rinse, as rinsing will wash away the coating we have just brushed onto our teeth.

When we came round to discussing toothbrushes, the programme reviewed manual versus electric. It also reviewed the wide difference in costs of all types of brushes.

Oral Health Media Coverage

Save Money Good Health here’s the extract from the programme about toothbrushes

Oh, and just a final thing – I was blown away by the London Pharmacy – slightly different to the Village Chemist where I live. First time I’d seen a Mobility Scooter that costs more than my car!

oral health media coverage