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The Dental Health Special Report Published in The Times

31st July 2017

Is dental health critical to us all?

Despite the importance of dental health too many people still neglect their teeth and gums. This week, a Dental Health Special Report was published in The Times. The report explores teaching children about oral health. It also looks at shock advertising used by some dental brands and the USA lead phenomenon of teeth whitening.

The report is published by Raconteur and is in association with the Oral Health Foundation

Dental Health

dental healthThere is a feature article about shock tactics in advertising. In the article I make the point that these adverts often have the reverse effect to that intended. So, it is a good thing to get the public thinking about oral health care. However we need to ensure the messages are both correct and informative.

There are some great charts and infographics in the report. Also, my colleague at the OHF, Dr Nigel Carter, talks about Children’s oral healthcare – a passion of mine.