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New Toothbrush – Innovation in the dental sector

11th August 2016

What a brush!

I had the great pleasure last week of appearing on Talk Sport to discuss the flossing furore. Little did I know that I would become party to the invention of a new toothbrush! Hosting the show that morning were the legendary 2 Mikes – Mike ‘Porky’ Parry and Mike ‘Old MG’ Graham.

Now, over the year, regular listeners to Porky Parry, will know that he is not backwards in coming forwards where he thinks improvement can be made. This is especially so in the area of labour saving devices! So the hot topic of flossing meant that Mike had a dentist (Me!!) ‘captive on air’ to run his new innovation past.

And you must all agree – it’s a winner!!

So my first thought is are Philips, Oral-B, Colgate, Panasonic, Walter Pik et al ready for the competition? How will they react? Is the easiest thing just to approach Mike and try to buy all the design rights off him – doubtless for a princely sum?

Finally, a new toothbrush, and dare I say the dawn of a new era in dental hygiene!