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Crooked Teeth?

12th August 2016

Crooked teeth can be a worry for everyone. But if you wore a brace when you were younger, you might expect that your teeth would stay straight as you get older.

In the September 2016 edition of Woman & Home magazine, we addressed this issue in their ‘Ask the Top Experts the Big Questions’ section.

Our teeth do move with age. Our jaw shape can change and our gums recede. So there is an interesting trend. Nowadays, where we are seeing more and more people in their forties and fifties opting for braces.

Technology and crooked teeth

Because technology has moved on, braces are no longer limited to the ‘train track’ style of yesteryear. Transparent almost invisible braces are now available. You can learn more about this area of aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry on the Revive Dental Care website.

Woman and Home September 2016