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Prosecco – sad but true, it’s really bad for your teeth!

12th December 2017

Prosecco has come from nowhere to be one of the nation’s favorite alcoholic drinks. And over recent years, other ‘new drinks’ have become part of day to day life. We are used to Colas and sweet fizzy drinks. But now we consume energy drinks and sports drinks. Also Cider has made a real comeback as a trendy drink.

But what is the impact of Prosecco and these other drinks on our teeth?

Well, at the Oral Health Foundation, we carried out some tests involving all these drinks, water and milk.

We put together a video explaining what happened.

The story was picked up by The Sun, The Mail Online and The MirrorĀ 

Of course, none of us sits with any of these fluids in our mouths for a single prolonged period of time. But across the years, exposure to these acids works away at our teeth. Furthermore, few if any of us clean our teeth every time we consume something. So the liquid sits on our teeth for hours at a time.

I hope the results don’t surprise you and that we are all aware of the impact of foods and drinks on our oral health.

However, to lessen the effects of early enamel erosion, Unilever has developed a serum and a toothpaste called Regenerate. The clinically proven serum is used on three consecutive days a month and the toothpaste twice daily.