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Prosecco causes double whammy of tooth decay

4th February 2019

I marked the end of Dry January talking about acid attacks, particularly from Prosecco, causing dental erosion. The Mirro and the Sun both picked up the story. I have seen a dramatic increase in reflux in patients – stomach acid causes erosion of teeth. I now see at least two cases a month of dental erosion caused by acid attacks compared to very few several years ago. The rise in reflux is down to drinking and diet. Irreversible damage to teeth from acid attacks can occur within 24 months.

The Mirror article pinpointed our love of Prosecco as being part of the problem. The British are now the world’s second biggest Prosecco consumers, just behind Italy and sales in the UK are growing by around 10 per cent every year. Read more about the dangers of bottomless brunches and the double whammy for tooth decay in the article here.