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My most bizarre media dentist request?

19th March 2016

As a print media dentist, I get asked to contribute a professional opinion to all manner of articles and features. These can range from oral hygiene to aesthetic dentistry and often cover current events like government and other healthcare initiatives.

Madlen Davies wrote an extraordinary dental story for the MailOnline. It concerned a lady from Milton Keynes. She suffered from a condition that caused her to lose parts of her teeth every time she sneezed! Alongside the feature story, MailOnline asked me to comment on likely causes and remedies. Now, Mailonline deliver some excellent articles around oral hygiene and healthcare. However, this was without the most unusual! I do hope the young lady concerned got some comfort from the arms-length advice provided.

Reminder for us all!

So, what does a story like this tell us? Most of all it gives me a chance to deliver some reminders! Clean twice a day with a good fluoride toothpaste. Spit don’t rinse! Use those terrific little dental brushes to get into the gaps. As a result you will go a long way towards preventing oral heath care issues. Oh, and ensure a regular check up with your Dentist and Dental Hygienist as well.

You can read the whole story here  MailOnline