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NHS Dental Contract Reform Part 2

13th February 2017

NHS Dental Contract Reform is a very hot topic. In the January issue of Dentistry, Sophie Bracken concluded her report on the key points of a round table debate.

Taking Part

Denplan hosted the day’s discussion, as a part of their ‘In Front’ (IF) marketing campaign. Gathered around the table was a panel of dental practitioners and key opinion leaders. Dr Martin Fallowfield – Head of Professional Relations at Denplan Chaired the meeting, and I joined eight other panelists.

NHS Dental Contract NHS Dental Contract Reform

Chair of the event, Dr Martin Fallowfield, posed the following question in turn to the panel: ‘If you could make one change to the NHS contract, what would it be?’

There were a wide range of differing, positive suggestions. These ranged from removing the contracted value, to changing the way dental health is monitored.

The debate also considered the amalgam versus composites arguments and concluded with a discussion about NHS Dentistry in England, in 10 year’s time.

Here is the News Feature on the second part of this debate Dentistry roundtable part 2 – 12 Jan issue