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Professional Partnerships

National Association of Primary Care

23rd May 2017

The National Association of Primary Care is a leading national membership organisation. It represents and supports the interests of all healthcare professionals, working across the breadth of Primary Care.

It’s mission is to help them deliver effective and efficient patient centred care. This is done by providing guidance and support services, These include training, events and knowledge sharing.

National Association of Primary Care

Primary Care is the first point of contact that most of us have with the health system. It provides a holistic, person centred approach to care, rather than focusing on disease oriented services. 

national association of primary care

Through Primary Care the majority of preventative and curative health needs, health promotion and care monitoring requirements are fulfilled. We achieve this with a combination of universal access to comprehensive services delivered by multi-professional teams. They work continuously to address the health needs of the population. As a result, Primary Care enables joined up patient care, within a sustained partnership with patients and informal care givers.

The NAPC engages its membership through surveys, requests for views and participation in events. The NAPC and other bodies, including NHS England, Department of Health (on their working groups), the General Practice Committee of the BMA and other national organisations, organise these events.

So it was a great honour to join the Council of the National Association of Primary Care, in September 2016. Especially, as it is a Council of healthcare professionals from many disciplines. Accordingly we have pharmacists; dentists; doctors and others working together.


Furthermore, there is an opportunity to meet the NAPC at two forthcoming events. On June 14th & 15th we are exhibiting at Confed 17, in Liverpool. This convention is just one week after the general election. In addition, it brings together health and social care leaders to hear the detail behind the new government’s plans for the NHS. And it is a great opportunity to debate what it means in practice.

In addition, the prestigious Health + Care Conference is on June 28th and 29th at ExCel in London. NAPC speakers include the President, Dr James Kingsland OBE and Chairman Dr Nav Chana. During the conference, the ‘Transforming Primary Care’ Theatre hosts presentations ranging from ‘GP Regulation’ through to ‘Leadership and the Workforce’.