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Health – Truth or Scare

30th April 2017

Health Truth or Scare is BBC1’s excellent day to day health investigatory programme. This week, the programme investigates claims made last summer, that flossing is a waste of time. I am interested in this topic, like all dentists, as we advise our patients to use flossing as a part of their oral hygiene routine.

Health Truth or Scare

health truth or scareSo when the film crew arrives at our Davyhulme Practice, I am keen to give a good demonstration of the best way to floss. We use large models of the mouth to demonstrate technique.

The story starts about 28 minutes into the programme

The findings of the programme are interesting. There is a great experiment using the members of a choral society in nearby Salford. Furthermore, they are surprised by the results and we hear some interesting conversation about attitudes to flossing.

Have I changed my views? No.

Regular flossing and the use of interdental brushes are key to good oral healthcare .