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Dentist Phobia

10th January 2017

I believe that dentist phobia will eventually become a thing of the past. So it was sad to read this excellent article by Lucy Elkins for the Daily Mail Health Section. A young fashion model was traumatised by a wisdom tooth extraction, years ago. As a result, she avoided essential dental treatment for 12 years.

Why dentist phobia?

One of my fellow contributors to the article offered some sound reasons. Dr Rick Norris is a visiting consultant psychologist at Manor Hospital in Walsall who specialises in phobias. Interestingly, he says that dentist phobia can cause similar symptoms to post traumatic stress disorder.

Unsurprising that Nienke Van der Peet harboured this phobia over the years. In the article I comment on how better awareness of pain relief would have helped her.

Nowadays, we work hard at Revive Dental Care on identifying nervous patients and working carefully with them.  In the main it is older patients rather than younger ones. Because of the vast improvements in oral healthcare in recent years, visiting the dentist has none of the associations for teenagers and young adults that it did for their parents. Let’s hope that prevails and in time we eradicate dentist phobia altogether!